Institutional Strengthening Phase 2

Institutional Strengthening Phase 2

Project Timeline

Institutional Strengthening Phase 2 1

Quick Facts

Total Project Budget: US$ 22 Million

Partner Entity:Institutional Strengthening Phase 2 2

Implementing Agency: Department of Environment

Project Background and Summary

The overall objective of the project is to create the enabling environment to allow the access to and programmatic utilization of climate finance in Guyana, based on the incorporation of climate change considerations in the country’s long term development planning. Ultimately, the operation will build climate resilience in various priority thematic areas including ’agriculture’, ‘indigenous peoples,’ ’community and regional development’, and ’ecosystems and biodiversity’, and will help reduce GHG emissions in the productive sectors of agriculture, mining and logging, allowing Guyana to meet its current commitments with UNFCCC and those under interim REDD+ partnerships.

This phase 2 of the Institutional Strengthening project follows phase 1 which sought to enhance national institutional capacity in Guyana to address the impacts of climate change through the effective implementation of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), and to assist Guyana in meeting its commitments under interim Reducing Emissions from Deforestation, forest Degradation and sustainable forest management (REDD+) partnerships.

Status Update

The draft project document is currently being discussed and finalised between the Government of Guyana and the Partner Entity for the project, the Inter-American Development, and is expected to be posted to the GRIF website in September 2017.

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Partner Entities   Implementing Agencies
Inter-American Development Bank Small Business Bureau - Ministry of Business
United Nations Development Programme Ministry of Agriculture
United Nations Environmental Programme Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Guyana Forestry Commission
World Bank  

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