Institutional Strengthening

Institutional Strengthening



Quick Facts

Total Project Budget: US$ 7 Million

Partner Entity: Idb

Implementing Agencies: Office of Climate Change and the Guyana Forestry Commission


Project Background and Summary

Guyana is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of sea level rise due to climate change. It is also recognized that deforestation and forest degradation occur because they have economic benefits to individuals and businesses; however, the consequences of these acts result in carbon emissions which are far-reaching and devastating. In June 2009, the Government of Guyana (GoG) launched its Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) which aims to transform Guyana’s economy on to a low carbon, sustainable development trajectory, while combating climate change.

The overall objective of the project is to enhance national institutional capacity in Guyana to address the impacts of Climate Change, ensure the effective implementation of the LCDS, and help Guyana meet its commitments under interim REDD+ partnerships agreement. These commitments include avoided deforestation measures that translate into the avoidance of CO2 emissions.

The specific objectives of the project are: (i) to strengthen the technical and administrative capacity of the principal institutions responsible for implementing Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy, namely the Office of Climate Change (OCC), the Project Management Office (PMO) and the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC); and (ii) develop and implement an Monitoring Reporting and Verification System on a national level.

Status Update

The Institutional Strengthening Project is already in its implementation phase. The first disbursements of funds have already been made for the Institutional Strengthening Project and significant work has already been completed. More than 80% of the MRVS Roadmap activities have been completed, coordination of technical field work in GIS and forest carbon stock assessment has been executed. In addition, areas of field work extended to additional areas of forest degradation, re-growth and forest harvest impacts to inform the Interim Indicators Reporting and also the MRVS was executed, work commenced on the development of a sustained communication mechanism, and key areas of initial research in areas under REDD+, including integration of ecosystems within the MRVS. Moreover, forest rehabilitation and the exploration of the use of satellite imagery for monitoring forest carbon change was conducted. This has taken place at the community level, international level, as well at the national level.

The capacities of the Office of Climate Change, the Project Management Office, the Guyana Forestry Commission and the REDD+ Secretariat will continue to be strengthened in 2013 with the addition of key technical and administrative human resources and vital technology that will enable (i) the Office of Climate Change to continue its important work in setting the national climate change agenda in addition to climate change policies and objectives, and furthering the LCDS, while undertaking intensified public awareness and educational outreach activities and events across Guyana, including the hinterland; (ii) the Project Management Office in coordinating and implementing all current LCDS projects, preparing the relevant project concept notes and project documents to initiate funding for the soon to be identified phase two LCDS projects in potential areas such as adaptation, ecotourism, renewable energy, aquaculture, curriculum development and hydrometeorology; and coordinating cross Government activities that will address investment promotion and facilitation, which aim to increase foreign direct investments in sectors that create new “low-carbon” economic opportunities, (iii) the Guyana Forestry Commission in implementing the first national scale Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System, developing forest area assessment and change monitoring reports and preparing for independent forest monitoring and (iv) the REDD+ Secretariat to conduct research and provide support on key REDD+ initiatives, engage the local and international community on REDD+ initiatives and conduct REDD+ demonstration activities.


Relevant Documents

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