GRIF Operational Manual Version 1.0

Cunha Canal


Cunha Canal Timeline for GRIF Website 13-01-16

The key focus areas of the LCDS investments are: low carbon economic infrastructure; high potential low carbon sectors; climate change adaptation; and those that create economic opportunities for all Guyanese. The Cunha Canal Rehabilitation Project is an important intervention addressing the focus area of adapting to climate change. The works will improve the ability of the Government Guyana to manage water resources in the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) and protect Georgetown and surrounding areas from the impacts of climate change.

The Cunha Canal is located on the western side of the EDWC and discharges into the Demerara River. Around 1990, the canal was diverted from its original alignment to a smaller discharge channel. This diversion reduced the discharge capacity of the canal and went into disuse soon afterwards. The discharge through the canal was re-established during the 2005 flood but with a limited capacity as it is affected by circuitous routing, structural limitations and development between the East Bank Demerara (EBD) Public Road and the Demerara River. Rehabilitation of the canal will result in a more efficient functioning of the discharge system