GRIF Operational Manual Version 1.0

Cunha Canal

 Cunha Canal Project Timeline 20170427

Quick Facts

Total Project Budget: US$ 3 Million

Partner Entity:The World Bank Logo

Implementing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture

Project Background and Summary

The Cunha Canal Rehabilitation Project i s a part of Guyana’s adaptation initiatives. The proposed physical works for the Cunha Canal will include the widening of the canal, the rehabilitation of the former outlet structure, rerouting the canal to re-establish its original alignment and construction of a bridge on the East Bank of Demerara Public Road where the canal intercepts the road.Cunha Canal Rehabilitation Project 1 Rehabilitation of the Canal will increase its discharge capacity and contribute to reducing the risks of the embankment overtopping and flooding of areas along the East Bank of the Demerara. It is estimated that 39% of Guyana’s population and 43% of GDP are in regions exposed to significant flooding risk, and extreme weather events are increasing in frequency – in 2005 floods caused losses equivalent to 60% of Guyana’s GDP. The Cunha Canal project is seen as one of the major adaptation projects aimed at a more climate resilient economy in Guyana. The rehabilitation of the Cunha Canal is expected to reduce flooding in neighbouring communities on the East Bank of Guyana, potentially restore productive use if farmlands, previously flooded in those communities, and improve dam stability in the south western section of the larger East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC).

Status Update

The operations manual and procurement plan for the project have been completed and approved by the Partner Entity, the World Bank.

With respect to the works to be completed, the bills of quantities and designs for the drainage channel, the outlet structure at the EDWC, and public road bridge have been completed, leaving just the bills of quantities and designs for the outlet structure at the Demerara River to be completed.

Additionally, recruitment is in advanced stages for the hiring of a Social Specialist and an Environmental Specialist under the project.

It is expected that the tender processes for major works, goods, and services will commence in April 2017.


  • Cunha Canal Project Concept Note
  • Record of Decision - GRIF Steering Committee Approval for Project Concept Note
  • Cunha Canal Project Document
  • Record of Decision – GRIF Steering Committee Approval for Project Document
  • Abbreviated Resettlement Plan
  • Environmental and Social Assessment Report


Partner Entities 

  • Inter-American Development Bank 
  • United Nations Development Programme 
  • United Nations Environmental Programme 
  • Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations 
  • World Bank

Implementing Agencies

  • Small Business Bureau - Ministry of Business
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs
  • Guyana Forestry Commission

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